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WL is the only record they´ve made this millenium which, judging by their setlists, they actually seem comfortable with.

I mean, Rope, Walk, These Days, White Limo are still regulars, Arlandria and Dear Rosemary make an appearance now and then.

1 X 1 - only AML survived (there would be so many great live ones though!)
IYH - only BOY survived (would love DOA, No Way Back and the more obscure Deepest Blues or Free Me too)
ESPG - only the Pretender survived (well Let it Die came back)
SH - they forgot that one, which understand completely.
Hey let's not forget Times Like These from 1x1!

I think it's not necessarily a knock on previous albums, in particular I think they're quite fond of ESPG. But the Wasting Light songs are more straightforward rockers and work particularly well live (as opposed to something like, say, Come Alive)
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