Default Everlong Live As A Wedding Closer

My fiance and I are getting wedding songs picked out for our big day in May and I have some options. We're doing the Foos cover of This Will Be Our Year as our first dance, but I also thought it might be cool to do a live version of Everlong as the last song of the night. I think it would be a nice little homage since the band usually ends with Everlong at concerts and the live version I have in mind is a bit more bombastic than the original or acoustic versions.

The question here is would it be weird to do a live version of any song at a wedding? I've never heard of anyone doing one, so it would be original at least. I'm not sure if the DJ company has any policies against it, which I'll have to check. My fiance is okay with the live version, which in my mind was a huge win

Good idea? Bad idea? Thoughts?
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