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So now that the real tour is starting what are your realistic setlist wishes. By realistic I mean it probably won't happen but it's not completely out of the question. I think most of us here who consider ourselves the "hardcore" would love to see a set full of Wind Up, Gimme Stitches, Wattershed, Walking a Line, whatever your favourite deep cuts are. However, I think we all also agree there is no way that is going to happen. So with those loose parameters what are you hoping for? I'll go first.

- I'll Stick Around and Hey Johnny Park stay in the setlist on a regular basis

- All My Life as the opener (I know they typically open with a song off the latest album but I don't think there is one on Sonic Highways that works)

- Play Stacked Actors but play it how it is on the album. I love the song but the 10 minute version is kinda played out.

- I'm not crazy about Best of You but I realize it's a hit and is going to be played. With that said move it up early in the set before Dave's voice is completely shot.

- Lose the covers. There's no way a band with 8 albums should be doing three or four covers a night. I think it was Simon who first speculated they do covers and Cold Day to give Dave's voice a break. That's probably true but the band has some songs in their own catalogue that would work. Miracle sounded great on Letterman and is easy on the voice. See You, Up In Arms, Ain't It The Life, even Low are all songs that are sung, not screamed and are relatively easy on a singer's voice. Mixing one or two of these songs in the set every night and not having three or four screamy songs in a row would go a long way to helping Dave's voice make it through a tour.

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