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but for me, PERSONALLY, it doesn't really give me the same excitement as "There is Nothing Left to Lose" for instance, so.. yeah, in closing, I appreciate the album for what it is, but I'll just leave it at that, and keep enjoying the older albums, and look to the future.
Interesting. I found NLTL one of their less appealing albums, still fun all the same. If we are the view each album as a progression then this new release feels like a step in the right direction from IYH, as it feels like it is merging the two distinctive styles quite neatly, accousticy-mellow-melodic and rocky in equal measures but blended...

At the least it is a good experiment

After a couple of listens though Pretender feels the most appealing of all the tracks. Just because my preference for FF material is dirty guitar rock.

As for the future - I certainly eagerly await every new FF release.
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