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Before I buy it, does it fuck up your iTunes like In Your Honor?
Save your money dude, the album is sh*t in my opinion. I have purchased this album and I never plan on listening to it ever again.
I first became a Foo fan back in 97' and have followed them ever since, I just loved there style of hard hitting rock and different sounding music.
I will always be a foo fan and definately go watch them again at a concert, but this new album does nothing for me.
Seems rushed, lyrically and musically. There is no special sound to make it standout like Everlong, My Hero or learn to Fly... just seems to be put together in someones garage for the sake of making an album because it's "time to make another album" they should've just waited, even another 3 or 4 years and release something really special- not just a bunch of depressing songs.
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