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I've never done this it goes:

Is it me or does this sound like a Dave Grohl solo project?

My first impression was...isn't there only like 4 or 5 songs that the band grooves on? Where are the hammer drums? Why are there like 4 songs that are acoustic openings and eventually morph into drudging rockers? Why is the same lyric repeated OVER AND OVER in every song to the point where you're thinking "Overdrive" wasn't repetitive. Can I hear a straight-forward downbeat crash every once in a while or does everything have to be progressive snare roll/tom fill.

Very wordy, tons of solos, (and by 'solos' I don't mean lead guitar, I mean just Dave, his instrument of choice, & a microphone), and not one but TWO piano ballads and an acoustic instrumental duet with someone NOT IN THE BAND. It's like Dave got a new piano, and learned how to do amplified pull-offs (ala Razor) and decided they would be all over the next album come Hell or high water.

And does every bridge vocal have to include 3 part harmonies that will probably not sound good live??

I understand what they're getting at with this album, (new directions, new horizons, musical freedom etc...) but can a brotha get a power chord???

The Pretender is SO MUCH different than anything else on the record (but sadly similar in structure and approach as "All My Life", with an opening MUCH too similar to Stairway..) that it's almost like that was conceived seperately from the rest of the record because there wasn't a strong pre-release radio single.

I'm not looking for twelve Monkeywrenches, but for Chrissakes ease up on the indulgences. Save the instrumentals for b-sides, save the piano ballads for the soundtracks, and get back to rocking.

Sorry, that's just my $9.99cents worth...
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