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Ok, seeing as there's two threads, I've split my review from THIS POST into the good parts and the bad parts:

3. Erase/Replace: Boring, repetitive. That ending is very, very annoying.

5. Come Alive: So so wussy. Bugs me in the same way that February Stars does - it sounds like it's missing something, like it's building up to a MASSIVE crescendo that never ever comes. Also repetitive. Feels a very safe song, they could've done so much more with this and made it edgier.

9. Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners: Garbage. Sorry. Lovely sentiment but such a wet, pointless song but I bet everyone fawns over it because it's "pretty". Same rubbish formula as Razor and Skin And Bones, same bland result. Yawn, next please.

10. Statues: URGH! The intro is horrid, the vocals sound very very strained at times - Dave seems to be forcing himself to sing in a way that he's not accustomed too and it doesn't sound comfortable at all. Sounds kinda Beatles/John Lennon-ish. The "we're just ordinary people" line makes me think of John bloody Legend and then I want to be sick.

11. But, Honestly: This started and for all I knew I could've been listening to a Seafood song. I sort of like the song but it's too thin sounding, if they do this live I would hope that it gets fattened up considerably. It only starts to get interesting when the second guitar (Chris' I imagine) comes in and then it starts sounding more like a Foo Fighters song. Then it kicks in and BAM, that's a Foo song for you... the lead part sounds kinda like a Jackson United song... erm... lemme think... BLINDERS! That's it.

12. Home: Wonderful lyrical content but done in such a drab and bland way. Foo Fighters shouldn't do soppy piano ballads. This is pretty much just Burn Away with a piano. Too long, drawn-out and Dave's struggling to hit those notes again. Thoroughly uninspiring.

13. Once & For All: Start reminded me of a Gin Blossoms song again!! Quite... generic. Should've been replaced by Bangin'.

Overall, I dunno. Probably better than both In Your Honor and One By One but that wouldn't exactly be different. It just doesn't sound like a real Foo Fighters album, it's way too laid back.

Maybe a 5.5 out of 10?

After another listen this morning, Come Alive and Stranger Things Have Happened now sound a little better.

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