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This is true - I got your reference to a lot of the RSD stuff being new releases of not just old songs but often old recording - or cleaned up and remixed old recordings. That's especially true for the deceased artists obviously where RSD is a great medium to slide out a 7 inch for the odd one or two tracks.

So they don't have to have been in a studio though the WTF did kinda give a feel that Dave wanted to re-record them, though he could just have meant finding time to look at the project overall was difficult.

As a sideways relevant thread:
Medium Rare was also a bunch of mainly pre-existing songs. But "Bad Reputation" and "This Will Be Our Year" were new recordings for it. When exactly were they recorded relative to 16th April 2011 release?

The former is unfortunately unknown, just assumed (perhaps wrongly) to have been in early 2011. The latter though we know was done at the ESP&G sessions.

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