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Pretty sure this is how it went down:

1. “White Limo”
2. “Arlandria”
3. “Congregation”
4. “The Pretender”
5. “Outside”
6. “Learn to Fly”
7. “My Hero”
8. “Big Me”
9. “Alone + Easy Target”
10. “Kids in America” (Kim Wilde cover)
11. “Everlong”

I think...
Confirmed - but I believe Outside replaced LTF, Everlong was well - there last of course lol:

From my Ohio seller "ifightfoo" (yes actual eBay name - so a true fan)
" was amazing. Definitely once-in-a-lifetime. It was being filmed so hopefully it makes its way on a documentary or something...."

I can't be right on the content now of course but who knows...

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