Default Re: Cancelled Gigs - what's next? What does the future hold?

Simon, Jill, hope you guys don't mind me starting a new thread for this - I feel it's a significantly different subject to warrant one though.

So. Our worst fears are true. The gigs got cancelled. I was beyond crushed when I heard about it last night - but Dave Grohl has to heal.

However one beacon of hope I'm hanging onto was that in Dave Grohl's message he said something was "being organised" or words to that effect.

I know an announcement is being made Friday about what options there are for those who bought tix.

What I'm HOPING and PRAYING for - is that some NEW dates will be announced and those who bought tix for this weekend will be able to use the tix they already have for one of the new dates. Probably in October or November I'm thinking. Luckily my pal who organised our trip and got the tix feels the same way.

For those more seasoned gig goers than I, is this predictable outcome? Is that what Grohl was getting at when he alluded to arrangements being made? I sure hope so. I'm sure many of us would love to have that option rather than go through the pain of having to try again when we went to so much effort in the first place.

IF we can do that, my heartbreak will go away!

Let the speculation begin!
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