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I kid u not i spent a fuck in year searching for this dsong I contacted everyone from music producers to fuckin Pat Smear and have had no luck. It's up to Dave, I mean ive done evyerthing I could. I'm a little drunk but dave please release this fucking song. Ive spent nights staying up trying to find leads!
Wow. Well there could be a chance Dave doesn't have it also, I mean, I've been searching for some real rare QotSA songs (Oppenheimer's Brother and Sherbert) which were recorded around the time of the S/T demos, I contacted the studio they were recorded at, and Josh Homme took all the tapes and masters with him. I then found out from someone who interviewed him that he lost the tapes a long time ago. Maybe that's happened to Dave. Also if Dave is the last person you can get it from, you will probab;y never hear it, as I'm pretty sure he won't ever leak it...
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