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Reading this and then checking out yesterday´s set I´m really glad I decided to skip seeing the show this summer. Sad to say it but that´s how I feel about their live performance these days.
Same shit, different day. I knew Chris' interview was bs. I'm still seeing them 3 times next week, but it would've been nice to look forward to some changes.
9/10/05 Sunrise FL
1/16/08 Sunrise FL
1/17/08 Orlando FL
9/28/08 ACL Austin TX
5/18/11 Little Rock AR
5/20/11 Memphis TN
8/7/11 Lolla Chicago IL
11/7/11 Duluth GA
9/21/12 Atlanta GA
10/26/14 LIB Las Vegas NV
5/27/15 Manchester UK
7/4/15 RFK Washington DC
9/10/17 Lolla Berlin
10/12/17 Anthem Washington DC
12/31/17 NYE Las Vegas NV
4/25/18 Tampa FL
4/26/18 West Palm Beach FL
4/28/18 Atlanta GA
9/1/18 Seattle WA
5/15/19 New Orleans LA
5/16/19 New Orleans LA
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