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Download is almost a cert surely? After the stadiums last summer Id be surprised if they do any of their own shows, although an all-day show in Finsbury or Hyde Park would be nice
Not Finsbury Park I hope, was a pain in the ass seeing qotsa there this year. Hour long beer queues and not enough water taps.Sound quality wasn't amazing either.

PULA June 18 & 19
London 22 & 23 June 18
James Corden, June 18
Download Paris, June 18
O2, Sept 17
Lollapalloza Berlin, Sept 2017
NOS Alive, July 2017
Glastonbury 2017
Paris, Nov, 20 15
Berlin, Nov, 2015
Milton Keynes 5 & 6 Sept, 2015
Glastonbury 2015
Wembley, 20th June 2015
Invictus Closing Concert, London, Sep 2014
Milton Keynes, July 2011
Wembley, June 2008
Reading, August 29th, 1998
Glastonbury June, 26th, 1998
Ozzfest, June 20th,1998
Shepherds Bush, Dec 13th, 1997
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