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It is odd that artists seem to almost avoid Wales.
Living in Bristol it would be quicker and easier for me to see bands in Cardiff if they skip us but I always seem to end up in London (sometimes out of choice but that's on me!)

Cardiff is lucky enough to at least have the Principality to host gigs like this but it's a shame the Foos aren't playing there... yet!

Other than outdoor areas like The Downs, Bristol's biggest venue is the Colston Hall (2000 capacity?) so I'll have a wait on my hands for them to play here! We've been waiting for around 10 years for an arena to be built here but it keeps getting shelved.
Hi Dave

Yes we are lucky in Cardiff to have the stadium especially as it's got the retractable roof and also right in the city centre (which can also be its downfall too as regards to public transport ie. the lack of a decent train service later on at night).

Like yourself, I too will travel to mainly London and stay over but also have many times travelled to Bristol and Manchester to see a band/artist but in an ideal world sometimes it would be nice to just go down the road (the M4) to a gig.
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