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Nice. Now you have a duplicate that I'm sure you'd want to get rid I'd be very happy to take one off your hand, not a problem.

Joking aside, how did the new tape sound compared to the first? Any better?
Tim's copy has subtly less pop/click noise during the silent space and feels a bit stronger, but there's not much difference in it despite TR's copy being a bit beaten up externally. Audibly you can't tell much between them; Tim's is maybe slightly fuller in the bass and mid ranges. You can see a few instances of subtle mix level differences (between songs) better in Tim's copy when looking at meters.

Obviously it was a very high quality tape choice - which is not surprising as Dave had no need to pinch pennies, and no doubt wanted it to be a pretty good reference copy of what a listener might be getting. Both still play like new tapes; Tim's basically is.
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