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I'm 100% with MI - it made my head hurt too. But it's a really good question - putting ten years in isolation like this.

How I did It:
01) Pulled/copied all tracks for each release
02) Sampled all from each album twice and moved each one I rated to one folder (deleted the rest - no going back). 10 was best - ie it would be an "01" candidate
03) Listened to every song in the final folder in full and gave it a number out of ten
04) DID NOT move the ones with unique numbers (so one 09, stayed as 02 final result etc)
05) Freaked out on "semi-blind" test when no song gets rated under 6
06) Listened again (IN FULL) to each set of songs with the same number, then reshuffled them. This was easily the hardest part, because these are now songs you really fucking seriously like. But you have to relisten to just these songs until you can now rank each one uniquely out of ten. They then have an order. On the plus side, this "renumbering" really really makes you truly honest (and if like me, a bit surprised)
07) Changed all sequence nos based on above - so where two had 10, one got 10 the other had to be 9. The rest then started their fight at 8 - etc. I added a moved thing in brackets too - just because I wanted it clear - for me more than anything. I think I got it pretty obvious.

I liked it and hated it - my taste has deff changed a bit. And I'd redo a "today" version of best ever the same way.

But then part of it all is about your best ever "today". And that's also what is cool about doing it - especially close to a new release.

The best part for me always with these is looking at other peoples after the fact and seeing how different everyone is - oh that's the same - wow that's not even there lol... etc

Yet the band means enough to all of us that we signed up here and have spent however many hours sharing. And they can do/have done so much varied stuff... yet we will never agree about absolute "best of's" except that they are the best at what they do. And in the end all that "confusion" is what makes them exactly that.

So my top 10 (I included all releases incl Med Rare and Laundry Room - though I excluded all tracks on prev albums):

01) Saint Cecilia (10/10 first run - tied with Run)
02) Run (10/10 first run - stolen by SC)
03) Something From Nothing (9/10 alone first run)
04) Outside 8/10 (alone first run)
05) Sean (7/10 first run - 10/10 5-way 2nd run)
06) These Days (7/10 first run - 9/10 5-way 2nd run)
06) Arrows (7/10 first run - 8/10 5-way 2nd run)
07) The Neverending Sigh (7/10 first run - 7/10 5-way 2nd run)
08) Walk (7/10 first run - (6/10 - 5-way 2nd run)
09) Congregation (6/10 first run - 9/10 2-way 2nd run)
10) Rope (6/10 first run - 8/10 2-way 2nd run)

Biggest Surprise: Arrows. I knew I liked this track a lot - I never realised it would hit so hard after maybe an 18 month hiatus from having heard it.

Only other note: IMHO there should be no part of any song you select that you dont absolutely love/dig (for oldies lol) etc. If there is I TOTALLY support Foo3001 in listing less than 10. Music is about YOUR experience and nobody elses - it's just nice to see how we gel or don't. Maybe because it says a bit more about us as individuals than we could ever say any other way.

And my honourable mentions have to go to:
Dear Rosemary
The Line
I Am A River
I Feel Free (great cover)
Kids In America

Of course I know I've now made everyone's head hurt (more) - but hey, take some time and a few whatever and try it lol
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there

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