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So it gold and not at all like the store image? Was it in a bag or a case?

Store Blurb:


Collectible coin from the Foo Fighters show at The Anthem on October 12th, 2017.

Coins are made of brass with silver plating and approximately 1.5" in diameter.

Limit of 2 per fan.

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That Virginia image is Gold and in a case. So yes the VA store one is possible also messed up.

As you said here (at that time) you has Anthem Gold and were waiting on the store Anthem. And then the store one arrived right... so is the final result that the two both match exactly? And was each in a bag or a case?

What Im really trying to get to is proof that the coins in a bag vs in a case are exactly the same or different.
I got one from ebay that arrived yesterday, and I ordered 2 from the store which conveniently arrived today. They were both in bags like the one from the show that I got (image below).

All 3 shown together for convenience. Apologies if its bad quality, 11pm and on the phone and all that.

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Ah yes - the location filter is a bitch. I forget how that screws things up - I have
US and UK shipping agents as well as my NZ final destination.
I need me a US shipping agent quite possibly for stuff like that and other things that I have probably missed... but that can wait for another time.
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