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My wife and I are going to the Tuesday show. First time I've seen the Foo Fighters OR been to MSG, so I am PRETTY excited! We're taking in the Weezer show the next night at Jones Beach Theatre too. Two bucket list bands in two days! We've been to NYC twice but we are by no means super familiar with the city. Are there any cool spots close to MSG where a fella could grab some cheap food and brews? ALSO, any rumours on an opening act yet?
Couple decent spots near MSG... someone already mentioned Brother Jimmy's which is good, and I believe takes reservations on open table which I highly recommend (or get there plenty early).

Other good pre-show bars are Stout (33rd St between 6 and 7th avenue), Mustang Harrys (7th ave between 29th and 30th streets), Tir Na Nog (irish pub next to brother jimmy's), and if its nice weather, Local (33rd and 8th) has a rooftop bar.
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