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Released now but from the SH session trawl - so it's not a new "session" with Barret - it's the same time as here, which were Outtakes from the Sonic Highways interview released in April 2016, and obv recorded even earlier.

It's stunning to hear - more stunning to hear how awesome it sounds (Barrett's reels seem to be impenetrable to time). My question now is why now? Is this just slow release of something that can only be done (or teased) once, or is this a precursor to something coming - because the 2014 SH sessions that started it all lead to the 2015 4 track SFTLR EP.

2015 being the 20th for FF.
2017 being the 20th for TCATS.

And going waaay back to the very start doesn't actually make that much sense to put out a 2nd LR release - unless it was actually a more comprehensive one around the actual band being a "band" for a second album after the "Dave solo" eponymous release, from the very start of everything to TCATS.

So I'm likely as usual reading too much into it of course.
I don't know why now exactly but when I briefly spoke to Barrett about a year ago he told me they had just got back all of the Sonic Highways footage and were planning to go through it all, see how much they shot that wasn't on the official release. It could be that they've now just had the time to go through it and get clearance to upload some of it.

I rather hope it is also a precursor to more Laundry Room releases though!

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