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Cool man, it's not all about having them all. It's cool to see all sorts of collections.

I know all about that money-related hole too. Too well
It isn't???

Yeah, I went nuts on the collecting thing for about 2+ years. Then we found out we were having our first kid and decided to move and everything, that majorly slowed things down. It really helped that there were a lot fewer physical releases during the ESPG era. Now with everything that has been going on the last few months, I am becoming obsessed again. Bad news for kid #2 which is due in 3 months.

Most of my good friends are big Foo fans as well but they are content with getting the albums and seeing them in concert whenever they are close. Whenever I mention something like "Hey, Medium Rare on vinyl. Anybody getting a copy?", the response is typically, "Ummmm, yeah, Not as hardcore as you." They like to look through my stuff but that's about it. And my wife....she just shakes her head.

And yes, put together a spreadsheet!!! Helps you remember what you have quickly (gets more difficult as the collection expands) and for me it was really fun to see all of the info compiled together when I was all done. I wish I had started earlier. I had over 100 items when I started mine. Now have approx. 200 unique releases.....and still growing.
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