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Alright, let's see here...thanks to having the vinyl coming with the WL deluxe package, i finally got into vinyl a bit and now i am quickly going broke

S/T (opened, EX) [on the way from eBay]
S/T (unopened, mint) [on the way from eBay]
TINLTL (opened, EX) [on the way from eBay] *i heard the US copy is muddy though :/*
ESPG (opened, EX) [my first Foo vinyl]
WL (opened, EX)
Medium Rare (opened, EX) [framed, signed by Taylor, Pat & Nate on RSD WITH photos and receipt for authenticity ]

Best of You (7" w/ Spill)
Best of You (7" w/ FFL) [on the way from eBay]
Low (7", limited ed., misprint on the cover)
Have It All (7")

a quick question, sometimes misprints actually raise the value of an item, and im wondering if that's the case with my Low 7"??
Oh man, did you just buy that TINLTL from Japan?
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