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I am going to have to go through my vinyl collection and see if anyone here wants it. I quit collecting long ago so most of my stuff is from the first 3 or 4 albums. If I get time I will post a list since I don't really want to sell it on eBay.
Ooo this could be good, but not allowed to sell on here. Only give or trade
I have alot of gaps from the early days. I was too young and naive to care anymore than buying an album on cd
Hindsights wonderful.

Jpark, credit cards were made for times like these
I think i caved into buying tcats as uk shows seem a while away so i have time to get my foo fighters savings account back looking healthy!
Astoria 24.08.05
Earls Court 17.12.05
Hyde Park 17.06.06
O2 Arena 17.11.07
Wembley Stadium 06.06.08
Wembley Stadium 07.06.08
Wembley Arena 25.02.11
Dingwalls 26.02.11
Milton Keynes 02.07.11
Milton Keynes 03.07.11
Reading Festival 26.08.12
Islington Assembly Hall 12.09.14
Queen Elizabeth Park 14.09.14

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