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Yes, from what I have found out, (haven't done this in years) I have been on the phone with them 3 times now trying to get specific tickets and they are refusing to give me aisle seats. I found out you can instead go to stub hub and find aisle seats for $30.00 more. This whole thing is ruining the idea for me I'm about ready to get rid of the tickets I have purchased. I did the pre-sale (still trying to figure out what the f**k that means if you can't get the seats you want), purchase tickets, then called them trying to get aisle seats they have them but refuse to let me purchase them. I told them I would buy all four tickets if I had too, no dice they are forcing you to pick random tickets, ruins it for me at this point.

My tickets are not for Calgary..
Filed a complaint with the BBB, we will see what happens..