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When I first saw/heard MacCartney & FF live doing Cut me Some Slack, I thought Yeah! But now, after a few listens, it's become one of the two weakest songs in the album for me. The other is that punk stint with Lee Ving.

Favourite has to be Can to Can't - boy can Corey sing that to perfection, and the recording of video is pretty cool too. But I guess this is a chick song
Mantra is pretty awesome too.

And I also agree with the ones who are saying this is a sort of FF album. With guests.

I also loved the documentary, really well made, tugging at the right strings. Springfield made me tear up there a couple of times. Gosh, wasn't he the tackiest artist of the 80's? He's not half bad on The Man that Never Was though.

(Thanks E. Stacked Actor for showing me this thread )
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