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EMEK Wrigley Foils numbered to 50:

So far, the lowest number I have seen of the 50 series is 29/50. Has anyone seen one that is numbered from 1-25 of 50? If so, please post a pic. Thanks

EDIT: Here's why I'm asking. We know there were two runs of foils which are X/25 and X/50. I was told by EMEK studios that there were only 50 foils total, not 75. If it's truly only 50 foils total then that makes these even more rare.
Great to see the Gold Gems arrived safely - my Wrigley has made it to my shipping agent Ok - had to be Portland too huh - squeezed through the protests lol

Hi, Danny

Some history on your poster…
I believe the 50 edition were the band edition. However, they only received 25.
Only 50 foils exist - not 75.
Yours has been doodled. The band’s edition are not doodled.

Thank You

From below on the unsigned & un-numbered foil:

Signed/Numbered: No, but from a limited run of prints. This is an oddity, as it's been verified that there is an edition of 25 signed and numbered copies of the foil that were released by the artist directly as well as an edition of 50 signed and numbered foil copies that were given to VIPs. This one is not signed or numbered, but was obtained by a site staff connected individual.

Yours is 20 of 25

Mine is 33 of 50

29 of 50 trying to be sold here

9 of 25 sold here

I never tried to trap any earlier ones as they were just such silly money. But it appears for sure the Artist Print was out of 25. The 50 for "VIPs" holds true in both above explanations as basically being for the band (and band approved freebees), but I think you are onto it that EMEK probably ran up the numbers from 26 to 50 as Erika says and there were simply 25 more.

That does one key thing which is ensure nobody can be worrying about seeing another 10 say when they know they own then number 10. That feels like the kind of smart thing a guy like EMEK would do when they are not actually different prints.

We'll definitely have something to look out for now to try and confirm that anyway.

And then I'm thinking probably after printing extras for the band there were a few some spare that were distributed unsigned and unnumbered - nice prints etc but just without either true full endorsement, making them deff less collectible or important.

Just thinking about it - I guess too that if you were being an absolute propeller head, you could say someone could have gotten 1-25 on the site sale to the public "kinda"easily (lol I know that's not true per se) but that to have one of the VIP ones in truth would mean you had something given by the band that was more difficult to obtain. Though that would be a definition by original band intention only (so to speak) because you know there will always be a handful of the "VIP's" that inevitably flip them off themselves if/when they see the money they are going for.

Either way it still makes sense, and if we're right, makes it two sets that are both worth having a copy of for different reasons.

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