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Am I a greedy bastard??? No but I do have two RFK 20th Gold Gems at my house
Haha so of course theres a story to this madness. A couple days after bidding on RFK Gold Gem 3/5, I spotted 4/5 for sale on a facebook group. I contacted the seller and the price was $350 shipped. At the time, I felt like there was a good chance I would lose to an eBay bidding war for 3/5 so I came up with an idea. A close friend of mine that was at the RFK show with me wanted a gold gem as well. So I decided I'll buy 4/5 to ensure I get one and then if I also win 3/5 then he could pay for one of them. Essentially we would be splitting the cost of the two combined. Well as Foo Karma sometimes works, I'm now stuck with both as my friend has backed out. I guess it's not a bad thing having two but honestly I feel like it's wrong. I'd be willing to let one go to a member here at cost. I'm not gonna list it on eBay, I only want to see it in another true fan's possession.

So here's RFK 20th Anniversary Gold Gems 3/5 & 4/5.
No bad mouthing here - I was sorely tempted to buy the 3/5 - but I knew you were after it and I had raised it here- you'd replied etc so I kept to my word and laid off. Again, even in saying that still no hard feelings that you got it and another one - because of several factors:

1 It's so few in #no - nobody can blame you for hedging on it and if it was at the same time that's coincidence and not on you
2) You have the grace to say so straight away
3) You have the money to do it lol
4) It keeps it in "the house"
5) Don't care what any fuckwit says about the entire series for the 20th Ann - This is THE POSTER
6) (Selfishly of course) I have 5/5 so I'm not missing out
7) I love the fact that only you and I "get it" while literally thousands of people pay collectively truckloads more on what I consider "lesser" posters - in both importance and real value - including going mental over baseball vs actual foo related history value.

Get them put in a really nice frame side by side - and say fuck it - job done
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