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Oh, now it makes sense. I appreciate you posting more info on this. Now that I understand why EMEK did the numbering that way, I'm glad he did. I do wish he would've wrote A/P on the 25 series to help distinguish but oh well.
Just remember this is only my educated guess on this - I truly feel I'm right - but I'm def looking at any foils I ever see from here on in to try and prove 1-25 and 26-50 were "one set".

On the great if he'd added A/P front - the problem would have been there was no reason to add A/P for two reasons:
1) A/P on a print means Artists PROOF - not print - yes kick yourself I know you know that
2) When he first did the (your) Artist Prints (of 25) via the web, he likely had no idea there was going to be the request from management for another 25 - so there was no need to mark them up any differently to any other web promo release. It's only afterwards that he had to come up with a new number scheme that didn't shit on the orig 25 buyers. Starting at 26 and making the end 50 might be kinda misleading (when you figure there must be 50 of a series and there ain't) - but it holds better than doing 1 to 25 again by a long way.
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