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No bad mouthing here - I was sorely tempted to buy the 3/5 - but I knew you were after it and I had raised it here- you'd replied etc so I kept to my word and laid off. Again, even in saying that still no hard feelings that you got it and another one - because of several factors:

1 It's so few in #no - nobody can blame you for hedging on it and if it was at the same time that's coincidence and not on you
2) You have the grace to say so straight away
3) You have the money to do it lol
4) It keeps it in "the house"
5) Don't care what any fuckwit says about the entire series for the 20th Ann - This is THE POSTER
6) (Selfishly of course) I have 5/5 so I'm not missing out
7) I love the fact that only you and I "get it" while literally thousands of people pay collectively truckloads more on what I consider "lesser" posters - in both importance and real value - including going mental over baseball vs actual foo related history value.

Get them put in a really nice frame side by side - and say fuck it - job done
Thanks brother! I'm glad you're cool about it and I really appreciated you sticking to your word by not bidding. Yeah it was such a damn coincidence that two became for sale at the same time. I thought I'd be lucky to get one and couldn't believe I ended up with both. I know you believe my story but just to prove it I took some screenshots. Facebook seller posted 4/5 for sale on November 1st but I didn't see the post still the 2nd or 3rd. eBay auction for 3/5 ended on November 5th. So yeah both posters popped up at the same time and at first I thought it was the same seller. If you look at the facebook post you'll see that he didn't specify which number it was so I assumed it was 3/5 but I contacted him and found out it was 4/5! Anyways, after searching for over a year it appears Foo karma was looking out for me when I least expected it....

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