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Thanks brother! I'm glad you're cool about it and I really appreciated you sticking to your word by not bidding. Yeah it was such a damn coincidence that two became for sale at the same time. I thought I'd be lucky to get one and couldn't believe I ended up with both. I know you believe my story but just to prove it I took some screenshots. Facebook seller posted 4/5 for sale on November 1st but I didn't see the post still the 2nd or 3rd. eBay auction for 3/5 ended on November 5th. So yeah both posters popped up at the same time and at first I thought it was the same seller. If you look at the facebook post you'll see that he didn't specify which number it was so I assumed it was 3/5 but I contacted him and found out it was 4/5! Anyways, after searching for over a year it appears Foo karma was looking out for me when I least expected it....
Yeah two at once is just how this sort of shit goes so often lol. Gotta love that chuck of pipe - that's hilarious
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