Default A message for Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters

Hello my name is Anndrea Crouch, as I am sure you have many fans who reach out to you on this website so I am no one special but reaching out to you like this is worth a try I will. Me my furture husband will be seeing yall at Voodoo Music festival this coming October. This is a special show for us because yall music is what brought us together as couple. this show is also important to me cause I personally have tried to see yall in concert four times and it never worked out. My furture husband Bud has seen yall before. I always joked that i wouldnt see yall before i got married and now yall are coming to Voodoo. I am not asking yall for tickets. I am asking that me and my fiancee had the chance to meet yall because yall have been such an important part or relationship. I knwo this shit sounds dumb and desperate i feel fucking stupid writing it but it just feels right yall music is so powerful to us and we love yall as a band and yall have been such a big factor in our realtionship it would be amazing to meet yall. Anndrea Crouch.