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I noticed they got a show coming up in Seattle. Could be a tricky situation. the band have said openly that they don't go there often.
Have they? They go to Seattle on almost every tour, even played their first ever show there.

1995-02-19 West Marine Store, Second Floor Seattle WA
1995-03-04 Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge Seattle WA
1995-05-11 King Cat Theater Seattle WA
1997-07-21 DV8 Seattle WA
1997-08-29 Memorial Stadium, Seattle Center (Bumbershoot) Seattle WA
1997-11-04 Paramount Theater Seattle WA
1999-12-09 Key Arena (KNDD Deck The Hall Ball) Seattle WA
2003-07-15 The Fenix (KNDD 107.7 EndSession) Seattle WA
2003-07-15 Paramount Theater Seattle WA
2005-10-26 Key Arena Seattle WA
2006-07-11 Paramount Theater Seattle WA
2008-07-09 Key Arena Seattle WA
2014-11-28 The Showbox Seattle WA
2018-09-01 Safeco Field Seattle WA

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