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Iím a newbie in this forum! Iím from Madrid , Spain. Last year they played in Madrid but I couldnít go
Iíd love to visit a Seattle next summer and Iíve just seen they played in September ! Iím a teacher and summer are my longest holidays to go to the States.
How much in advance are tour dates announced?
Thanks !!!
They won't be doing too many gigs next year as the main tour has finished for the album. Wherever they decide to play might not be where you want to go, so you might have to wait until the next album cycle starts.

They have just finished a tour of North America, so more dates there soon may not be imminent.
Black Sabbath - Glasgow Hydro, January
The Skids, Edinburgh, May
The Alarm, Glasgow, May
Iron Maiden - Newcastle, May
Iron Maiden - Glasgow Hydro, May
Kiss - Glasgow Hydro, May
Guns 'N' Roses - London, June
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