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For those were around and remember in 2013 I released an ebook entitled '7 Corners: The Recording History of Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters'. The ebook detailed every known recording session from the 1980s up to that point, both Foo Fighters and Dave's other work.

Well, now I'm happy to say an updated edition is on the way. In early 2019 you'll be able to buy the new edition which is a huge improvement over the original, with all the new sessions since 2013, updates and corrections to the previous entries and a few more Grohl related sessions from over the years.

This time the book will be available as a physical paperback edition, as well as the ebook version.

It's not available to order yet, but you can register your interest over on the minisite, which will soon be expanded with more information - exact release date, price, availability etc.

Looks cool. I signed up for info.

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