Default Re: Foo Fighters 2011 Tour Dates

I know it must be frustrating if they haven't announced dates in your country,but surely you can tell from the way things have been progressing that it's just a matter of time ?
FF Wembley Stadium 06.06.08
TCV Plymouth Pavilions 10.12.09
FF Milton Keynes Bowl 02.07.11
FF~ Milton Keynes Bowl 03.07.11
FF Reading Festival 26.08.12
SCP The Forum-Kentish Town19.02.13
FF Old Trafford Cricket Ground 27.05.15
FF Milton Keynes Bowl 05.09.15
FF Cheese and Grain 24.02.17
FF London Stadium 23.06.18
Shifty The Fleece 02.04.19
FF Reading Festival 25.08.19!.../102594985219/You Know You're a Foo Fighters Fan When...FB Group