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This is a little strange to me - why Wasting Light and Concrete and Gold, out of all their albums? They're not the ones with the biggest songs. I guess they've slowly been accumulating fans over the years, which is pretty cool.
If you look at what else is in the UK top ten this week there aren't exactly any big name artists, no other big releases in the same week. Not to say that C & G wouldn't be number 1 if there were, it outsold the rest of the top ten combined, but it was easy competition. I haven't looked at what else was in the US top ten yet but wouldn't be surprised if it was a similar situation. Didn't In Your Honor have their biggest first week sales over there and still does ? yet that wasn't number 1, and that tells you that chart positions are not always the definitive way to define popularity.

Still I have counted that C & G is number 1 in 11 countries so far and there are still some to come in. Wasting Light was number 1 in 12 countries so C & G could still beat it on world-wide number 1's, although they won't be the same in each country.

Updated from my last post: C & G is now number 1 in 13 countries, so more than Wasting Light's 12.
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