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I can confirm Big Me kinda must be one of the 3" vinyls. Maybe the only one, I can't say if there are more, but I've had artwork for a new BM release for a while, sworn not to reveal etc.

I do know that the artwork I have copies of is fucking AWESOME... and has already been used and rather butchered on the store here:

So I guess 3 inches isn't gonna help things, and final artwork is likely going to simply be a reduced size of that same FF store art - or a close variant.

The original pays massive respect to the orig art for several early releases, and poster form was what was actually commissioned, and it's quite something.

Maybe that will be included in some way as originally indicated???

It was assumed release would be Japan only, which kinda makes sense if you read all the panels below. Probably not (now) the case - though likely to all be Japanese pressed if I'm reading things right.

So is it a Japanese call out? Probably not. I'd say a promo thing that get's the overall hype for RSD going, and ties in to another very much "potential" media format in small vinyl.

But you don't want to miss a proverbial boat, and the band seldom have (One By On DVD audio release... anyone play that daily? lol)

No info I can see right now on anything other than The Raconteurs definitely releasing one, that there will be "many" (whatever number that means) and a lot more on the (likely approx $70 US) Crosley mini turntable you apparently will need to play them. I've trawled a good few and summed up the best info (as of today Jan 17) below, with links. Even Steve Hoffman's board is a bit WTF on it all so that's a good sign few probably really know more right now.

Plenty of promo pics in those pages to see what you're potentially buying for $70... which isnt a whole lot, ESPECIALLY if it won't at least play 7" records (which seems unlikely?).

I can't find anything either on compatibility of a full turntable to play the 3 inch format, nor the RPM speed. So probably even having my dearly departed dad's 78 wont help lol - though that RPM speed info must be out there given earlier White Stripes releases, I haven't hunted that deep tonight.

RSD Record: $5.00
RSD Record Player: $70.00

That will be an interesting investment sum... where I predict (potentially) records could resell for $5.00 forever, with players going for 2, 3 and 4 times the $70, once/if they become a limited (only playback method) "gimmick".


The Raconteurs to Release New 3" Vinyl Single for Record Store Day

A fun collectible version of “Store Bought Bones” (from 2006’s Broken Boy Soldiers)

Record Store Day has announced this year’s edition will feature “a whole batch of 3" records,” playable on specialized miniature record players. One such record will be the Raconteurs’ 2006 single “Store Bought Bones,” from their debut album Broken Boy Soldiers.

For the uninitiated: Back in 2005, the White Stripes released a series of 3" singles to be played on mini record players, and even sold a (very limited) White Stripes-branded player on tour. So in some ways, this new collectible marks a return to form for Jack White. Raconteurs recently returned with their first new songs in over 10 years.


Size DOES matter.

Crosley is releasing a miniature turntable this Record Store Day, reports Digital Trends.

The tiny turntable, which is called an 8-ban record player and plays 3-inch vinyl – is a cult device in Japan, and can hold up to four minutes of audio.

Sharing the news at CES 2019, the company also announced it is partnering with Japanese vinyl manufacturing plant Toyokasei – who will be producing teensy records for the device.

Retailing for $70, Crosley’s micro-deck is powered by USB or battery, with an Audio-Technica cartridge, pitch control and dust cover.

Crosley’s record player follows a slew of noteworthy turntable announcements during this year’s CES – including Technics unveiling a new SL-1200 MK7, and Audio-Technica announcing seven new models are on the way.



For the past few years, budget turntable manufacturer Crosley Radio has been celebrating Record Store Day (RSD) with special, limited-edition turntables. Last year, it was this undeniably retro-cool Star Wars-themed suitcase player. The prior year, it was a Disney-themed model. But this year, Crosley’s doing something totally different, and might we say, a bit wacky.

Announced at CES 2019, this year’s RSD special is a tiny, 3-inch turntable that looks like someone took a Technics SL-1200G and ran it through a tilt-shift lens. Priced at only $70, it’s got everything you need, including a moving magnet cartridge by Audio-Technica, a pitch control slider, and the tiniest dust cover we’ve ever seen. You can power this micro marvel via USB, or slap some batteries inside it. With a headphone/line-out jack, and a built-in speaker, how you listen to it is up to you — with huge bonus points if you carry it with you (and play it) on any form of public transport.

Though this is the first 3-inch player that Crosley has ever made, the format is not a new one, though it’s very obscure. Originating in Japan, these tiny turntables are known as 8-ban record players and have been used to play things like TV theme songs. Fans of the White Stripes will probably recognize the device as a “triple inchophone,” which Jack White sold for a time — he even had special 3-inch pressings of White Stripes tracks made.

The 3-inch format was perfect for the band’s material, which tends toward the short end of playtimes. An 8-ban disc can hold a maximum of four minutes of music — Seven Nation Army, as an example, is only 3:52.

In addition to the existing catalog of 3-inch vinyl that you’ll find online, Crosley Radio tells Digital Trends that Jack White’s record label Third Man, and Epitaph will be pressing tracks on this format, with more to come after the launch. Crosley has partnered with Japan’s Toyokasei vinyl manufacturing plant, to make sure there’s a steady stream of new songs.

Is there any point to this thing? If you have to ask, you’re clearly not the target market. But if you are, you probably already know that RSD specials are only available at select, participating independent record stores, and only on Record Store Day itself — Saturday, April 13, 2019.
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