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I got an excellent draw, and I could have gotten "closer" to the stage but I would have been to the extreme right, giving me a side view of Pat's head. Instead I asked what they had in the center second section of seats. Agent said he had front row in that section. Sold!!

What's my point? I was early in line and could have gotten seats that were not so great but "close". Instead, I was able to get seats that were perfect for me. Sure, I would have loved to be a little closer. I've been feet away from the band at Sound City and it was great, but close doesn't always mean great. I am still going to see a great show, see the band perform and enjoy the music with family and friends.

The band gave the fans a true opportunity to get decent seatsnand not be sitting home because they have a slow internet connection or bots are slamming the system.

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