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If you ask security in the UK they will get you some earplugs. I have some proper ones that I sometimes wear at gigs. I'm meant to wear them all the time but no matter what they say it definitely does muffle some of the sound rather than just bring it down to a lower level.
I've got tinnitus and hearing loss from exposure to loud music. Its a bit annoying so its better to protect your ears than get stuck with a background EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE forever! You do get used to it though, I forget its there most of the time. I'm not sure its gigs or listening to loud music on earbuds that was the cause. Probably both!
One time I forgot to take my earplugs on me and went to ask a few members of Genting Arena staff for a pair. They laughed their arses off because apparently it was so funny.

Proper live music listening earplugs shouldn't muffle sound so get another pair. Mine are custom made to fit my ears perfectly and sound is clear as a day.
I don't even have any good skills.
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