Default Re: 2017 22nd (TCATS 20th) Ann Tour Posters

[quote=FooZealand;4183288]I have a few from this cycle but this is the only poster I have felt I absolutely HAD to have - so this made me very happy - I had the refreshed order page showing a second after it hadn't been there at 12.04, had Paypal ready & logged in and was completed in 20-30 seconds or so. Refreshed immediately and they had already all sold out.

Foo Fighters "To Serve Man"

Nice score! I got one too! I am totally stoked. Super tough to get a copy of any of Emeks’ limited special runs. Like you, I have a couple of posters from this leg of the tour, with this one being my favorite and a foil edition from the Sacramento show coming in at a very close second. Gotta thing for FOO dogs.
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