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I forgot about it.

Ah well, didn't really have the monies for it anyways..
It's interesting he has raised his price to $100 (not right now but over the last 12 months) and the sell price for the flippers is falling simply because there are just SO many posters for so many shows, and then all the artist variant on top of that, meaning collecting everything is neither easy nor financially logical.

So with 350 of these total, more gig ones are bound to turn up and they are the same poster just not doodled.

Im interested now to see how these 100 are numbered - if they are in series or parallel numbered. It is tricky how the different artists are all doing different things with their artist editions...

* Same number series (first or last XYZ)
* Different number series with doodle
* Different number series with "AE"
* Different number series with embossing
* Different number series with "AP"

Last one really annoys me as some artists reference AP as meaning "Artist Print" (just a variant of Artist Edition} when AP to me has always mean "Artist Proof" a much rarer run from the initial testing before a main print run is approved.
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