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Alright so I lined up the 2013 new mix/master official source, my copy and your copy.

The new mix and my copy were extremely close in speed, but my copy was marginally slow. I sped it up by +0.7% to get it to match. Your copy needed slowing down to match the official source, but the offset (3.575%) of what I adjusted Petrol CB to match my copy was too much, so either on my source or your source or both the speed fluctuates, which is to be expected I suppose. The correct amount was -2.75%.

So where do we go from here? Well you could adjust your whole tape by -2.75% but of course with no 'correct' reference for other songs we have no idea how correct it is for those. Skeeter is the only other reference of course, so next I will check that. Fingers crossed the difference is the same or very similar.

Feel free to have a play yourself though, I've sent you the necessary files.

EDIT: Lined up Skeeter and yeah, not the same. My copy had to be speeded up again but by more this time, 1.8%, and conversely your copy needed slowing down less, only 2.25%. So, do Skeeter and Marigold on the official releases run at the same speed? I've no idea if you can work that out, but I'd guess not.

Still, that doesn't help us much. My copy runs slow by 0.7-1.8% compared to official sources, yours runs fast by 2.25-2.75%.

I suppose I can compare all of your tracks to mine and see how they compare, if there is much fluctuation.

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