Default Re: Pocketwatch 2014... Just... Almost Late LOL

Firstly, almighty fucking bump!

Secondly, i need to try and compose myself before i write this. I felt compelled to listen to the entirety before posting and i'm a little stirred up now.

So, i've been in Brazil since December and i spotted this post in the single time i managed to jump onto the board while i was there. I wasn't in a position to listen at the time so i've been waiting on this and viewing it as a belated christmas present to myself. (incidentally i saw the boys in Sao Paulo. They smashed it. Dave on the drums! Covers and covers and covers, my faves being tie your mother down and under pressure and dave sang a little version of blackbird, so pretty. Unforgettable night.)

Suffice to say i was not disappointed. I've loved the pocketwatch stuff since i first heard the hissy, grainy bootlegs floating around online. But this.... This is amazing. This is fantastic. I'd always hoped i'd get the chance to hear those songs in a better state and it has exceeded all expectations. Foo Zealand, a massive thanks, seriously. You are a lucky chap to own such gold dust and clearly the right chap to have it. Cheers for putting it out there for people. You made a lot of us very happy.

Gahhhh the fucking drum fills in throwing needles and winnebago!

I need to go and lie down in a darkened room.
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