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Hey, Dave pissed on it, I passed the piss along?
Seriously does anyone have to ask why...

Kill More...

My 2p/c:
1) There will be something live - it may be one thing or a series. It will be "old" focused.
2) I'd like to think 1) will be recorded and put out - at least (recorded & advised will follow) as part of the 25th stuff. I think if recorded, then released by (4th July 2020) is (though possible) pretty unlikely.
3) IF they do it (the live "something") Watt has to be asked, prob Vedder too etc
3) IF they do it (the live "something") AND it is in just ONE place - then narrow the people involved to include Lang and Jones... even though it prob wont just be a live first album. And expect it to happen in Washington...

Though if it WAS a live first album, even where the band spent months perfecting it just to prove they could not only still play it start to finish 25 years later, but as close to perfect as they can vs DG 1994 by himself, and live...

...then I think you'd have 20% of people going it's a total and utter waste of time and 80% of people calling it a masterpiece. It would be utterly polarising.

Personally I live for it - but I'm unquestionably way more bound to that album than is healthy.
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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