Default Re: "Beat the Bots" is a waste - don't bother

I knew what expect. Springsteen does a similar lottery at all his shows to see who gets to enter first among GA ticket holders. I couldn't find much info to post in the forum in regards to BEatTheBots, but have some advice if they do this again in the future.

Get all your partner-in-crimes out there and get in line at different times. You'll greatly increase your chance of getting close to the front after the lottery. After all, you only need four tix.

Don't be afraid to sit alone!! The winner was picked 15 people behind me and my gf. We were like 450th in line. I bought two mediocre tix and sent my gf over to ask politely if they had any good singles available. The worker politely asked my gf not to gloat to others and they proceeded to hook her up with a third row ticket. It made our day!! Sure we might have some seat switching going on during the show, but it goes to show you that these events are truly for the fans. You just gotta think outside the box a little bit.

This was in Mountain View where there is no pit. So it was much more of a nail biter. I know many are bummed about the venue choice.

Sucks for those not knowing what to expect. Was a great time in my humble opinion. Wishing more bands did stuff like this. Was happy for those who were the first few in line.
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