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Hi All!

I have just joined this forum few minutes ago in order to contact Dave Grohl and send him his 50th birthday greetings. I have a few queries in pursuit of my effectiveness. Since I'm a newbie here, please bear with me.

1. Dave must have replied to some of the posts here. Please share his username so that I can go through all of his posts on this forum.

2. He's a world-class titan who'd be getting a gigantic ton of fan mail. Has anyone got a reply from him in which he actually expressed his gratitude? Please share information on such events. It would be really great if I can actually look at the correspondence that took between Dave and his fan.

His username is Dave Grohl unsurprisingly, and all of his posts can be found here, as well as a few from the other guys (read only) -

He has to the best of my knowledge never replied to anyone however, just messages he has put out.

Welcome to the board!

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