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Yeah very different times of course. Today everything happening would be on social media, Dave and Kurt would've been spotted on their drive by, someone would post photos of their gear hidden round the back, Chinese whispers would be on the go. There would've been lots of false rumours though of course, "Krist isn't really sick!", "I saw him eating a sausage roll in Greggs!" and "My mates nan said they're all playing, 3 hour set at midnight!".

It's a double edged sword this social media malarkey!
God that made me laugh - so true. We are spoilt by technology and then being human promptly often then just use it to spoil the greatness of it all.

It really does make me wonder just how insane some of the stuff Dave dreams up might have been experienced in the pre-spoiler world. Especially when you factor in just how incredibly effective they've been the last 5 years (2 cycles say) IN this "environment" at keeping stuff stum.

I still want a sudden garage gig - I think no matter what they do that is just too hard to beat
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