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i am purely speaking from what i remember, this like twelve years back in time.

the foos, and nate in particular were supporting a campaign called alive and well. their main focus was that aids were caused by the treatment of HIV rather than HIV itself. The campaign was run by a woman with HIV who refused to receive treatment and were doing really well. however, i think eventually she became really sick and the whole campaign were kinda blown off.

please feel free to correct me if i am wrong about any of this.

it was discussed a lot like ten years ago, and the band received criticism, but personally i don't see it as a bad thing to question science. these days we know the whole thing was based on false information, but it was a sincere project with good intentions and a part of the search for truth. if no one had questioned HIV-treatment then we might still have been wondering what good the treatment actually does.

the band has not been involved with alive and well for really long time, let it go!
feel free to correct misspellings, but don't be rude

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