Default Re: Open Letter To Management & Fans Re Live Nation Merch Stores Part2

Count me as one that hopes you don't leave because of Live Nation and their incompetence. You are one of the most knowledgeable (if not the most knowledgeable) Foo Fighters' collectors on here. You, I, April and others buy a lot of stuff from their stores (US, UK, AU). For their first thought to be that you're a flipper is pathetic. Hell, if they thought people were flipping stuff, then mark it up. That's what keeps a flipper out of business.

I've dealt with them many times since they handle a number of band's merch and their customer service is one of the worst. It's hit & miss whether you'll get your stuff or anything resolved with them in my experience. They're the largest concert promoter who now owns Ticketmaster. That should tell you all you need to know. Yet another awful & incompetent company when it comes to customer service. So, you have the largest concert promoter who owns the largest ticket distributor and they both suck at customer service.

I wish the Foos would look at how Pearl Jam handles their fans. They are now at this point where they are as big of a band. PJ has a fan club with a modest fee every year and fantastic customer service. You usually get great seats because they give first dibs to their fan club members and they give fan club members first dibs on any exclusive merch. So, not only do you get great seats at the shows, you also get a shot at the merch online that the flippers try and all buy up at the shows.
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