Eek! Re: Have you ever met the Foo Fighters (or one of them) face to face?

One day I was at work on Aurora Ave in Seattle, with the door open watching the world go by, when to my surprise our sweet innocent Dave was hit by a Seattle city truck that rear ended his black Suburban. It was raining, of course & there was quite the nasty pile up. After I called 911, I went out to let ppl know an ambulance was on its way. On my lunch break I would walk to the deli down the street & wouldn't you know it, the cops only had Dave pulled off to the side. I felt this was unfair so on my way back from thr deli I peeked inside the cop car & told Dave that I saw the whole thing & could be his witness. But crap, the cops made me give a statement so I had to think fast so I said, "The city car hit Dave's car that caused Dave to lurch forward & hit the car in front of him." Hoping that's what Dave told them, I went back to work. Five minutes later, guess who walks into my shop--yep, Dave. He buzzes over to me with his hand out to shake mine then thanks me. I was almost knocked over by his smile--I swear he smiles from ear to ear! We spoke awhile & he said, "Is there anything you want to ask me?" which I thought was endearing but I said, "No, this isn't the right time." But then he insisted so we talked about something I had written & was trying to set music to. He said, "I'd be interested" so he asked for my phone number. And this is where I go morally correct but oh so wrong. You see his gfriend was in the car waiting for him & I thought no way do I want to be the name on a piece of paper that she could possibly find-DUMB! It would have been purely business although I worked in an adult shop at the time & Dave & I were talking in the porn magazine aisle. So I did NOT give him my phone number but asked him to reach me at work. The next week, Dave was in NY playing drums for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers ON SNL & then he must have got busy with the Foos bc I never heard from him. Guess my opportunity is forgotten. But please don't ask me about the times I wouldn't give Eddie Vedder my phone number--TWICE!
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