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And what about that kid playing the drums? If that wasn't the highlight of both evenings... it certainly was the best moment of the second one for sure
What about security? I just thought I probably could have trafficed the bomb inside my bag because they only asked about certain "bulges" inside (which were my boxed glasses), and believed me for word without opening. It's understandable though, if they opened every bag we would never have gotten inside.
We'd spent the whole gig with the guy who played the drums! He's called Richard and he's one lucky man! Saw him yesterday and he said he was interviewed by a Croatian newspaper already, so chuffed for him!

Security searched me properly. Had to give a big explanation about my diabetes kit which isn't particularly ideal when you're aiming for front row.

Whole thing was such an amazing experience. Moshing with Frank, multiple set lists, hearing stacked actors again for the first time since 2008, the most incredible venue ever! And my Dave towel and used cup

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